shooting on iceland again…this time STUDIOSUS Travel send my team and me to this fantastic island which seems to completely consisting of photolocations!
Thanks to Stephan and our  weather proof  models who captured some moments on actioncam for this short edit. Enjoy!

september 2017

trying to catch up with racebikers on skates...

shooting for TOUR racebike magazine.
Thanks to Stephan for the pic!


July 2017

Dwarf photographer?

meeting Dirk Nowitzki at eye level? For a photographer with average height not that easy…but only physically, because Dirk is not only one of the best Basketballplayers on the planet but a very easy going person. Thanx Dirk!


our first shooting for ING DiBa in 2008

vietnamese production vehicles!

shooting for studiosus in vietnam with perfect transport vehicles – a three wheeler was the best choice for Hanoi´s traffic, and the water buffalo has been booked as  „model“ anyway…



indoor helicopter

shooting a report on  „Rettungszentrum 2.0“ in Bad Tölz


september 2017

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